SDIMP-01 Design and Finite element analysis of Four stroke engine fins with three types of modified design 2018
SDIMP-02 Analysis and modification of design in Disc brake using ANSYS 2018
SDIMP-03 Analysis of flywheel rotational stresses using ANSYS 2018
SDIMP-04 FEA Analysis of connecting rod using different materials 2018
SDIMP-05 Fatigue Analysis of modified Aluminum Alloy Wheel rim Under fatigue load 2018
SDIMP-06 Design and Analysis of tillage box blade of tractor with silicon coating 2018
SDIMP-07 Heat transfer analysis of twisted tape coated with nano particles using CFD analysis 2018
SDIMP-08 Thermal analysis of piston coated with ceramic to withstand higher temperature 2018
SDIMP-09 Static structural and Modal analysis of Pulsar 180 handle bar with various adjustments to reduce back pain 2018
SDIMP-10 FEA analysis of cam shaft of multi cylinder IC Engine with different materials 2018
SDIMP-11 CFD analysis of shell and tube heat exchanger 2018
SDIMP-12 Structural analysis of modified rear bumper of car by comparing with three types of composite materials in ANSYS 2018
SDIMP-13 Finite element analysis of Crank shaft with modification in its design 2018
SDIMP-14 Flow analysis of Heat transfer through fins placed at different distances 2018
SDIMP-15 Transient structural analysis of differential shaft using ANSYS 2018
SDIMP-16 Static structural analysis of a cylindrical pressure vessel using ANSYS 2018
SDIMP-17 Modal and Thermal analysis of poppet valve in IC engine 2018
SDIMP-18 Design and analysis of rocker arm of two wheeler IC Engine using ANSYS 2018
SDIMP-19 Analysis of leaf spring of lorry using ANSYS 2018
SDIMP-20 Modeling and analysis of new automobile (car) chassis 2018
SDIMP-21 FEA Simulation of a composite wind turbine 2018
SDIMP-22 Simulation of CFD centrifugal pump using ANSYS 2018
SDIMP-23 CFD-Lift on 3D air foil wing using ANSYS 2018
SDIMP-24 CFD analysis of catalytic converter with modified beads 2018
SDIMP-25 Analysis of air flow through invelox wind turbine for power generation using ANSYS 2018
SDIMP-26 Analysis of front car crash explicit dynamics using Ansys 2018
SDIMP-27 CFD analysis of aero spike rocket nozzle 2018
SDIMP-28 CFD analysis of intake manifold in SI engines 2018
SDIMP-29 Heat treatment analysis of two wheeler silencer 2018
SDIMP-30 CFD analysis of economizer in a tangential fired boiler 2018
SDIMP-31 Modified design and modal analysis of a two wheeler frame 2018
SDIMP-32 FEA fatigue analysis of a Special Shaped Milling Cutter 2018
SDIMP-33 Thermal analysis of cylindrical gasket used in IC engines 2018
SDIMP-34 CFD Analysis at propeller fan in ANSYS workbench 2018
SDIMP-35 Fluid flow and temperature distribution in radiators use in automobiles 2018
SDIMP-36 CFD analysis of air cooled condenser by the copper & aluminum material. 2018
SDIMP-37 Design and structural analysis of composite gear wheel 2018
SDIMP-38 Finite Element Analysis of crane hook for industrial purpose 2018
SDIMP-39 Structural analysis of Engine mount bracket using different materials in ANSYS 2018
SDIMP-40 CFD Optimization of Compressor blade for axial spacing 2018
SDIMP-41 CFD Analysis for a Mini Heat Exchanger 2018
SDIMP-42 Investigation on the effect of splitter plates to enhance characteristics of flow around cylinder 2018
SDIMP-43 Analysis of Simply supported beam using ANSYS 2018
SDIMP-44 Fatigue analysis of cutting tool in lathe machine 2018
SDIMP-45 CFD Simulation of Centrifugal Pump Impeller Using ANSYS 2018
SDIMP-46 Analysis of a vertical axis wind turbine 2018
SDIMP-47 CFD analysis of flow through venture meter to determine the coefficient of discharge 2018
SDIMP-48 Design and analysis of scramjet combustion chamber. 2018
SDIMP-49 Experimental studies on mixing in concurrent cold jets. 2018
SDIMP-50 Shock boundary layer interaction studies using CFD 2018
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