SDJP-01 OTPaaS-one time password as a service Cloud Computing 2018
SDJP-02 A Key-Policy Attribute-Based Temporary Keyword Search scheme for Secure Cloud Storage Cloud Computing 2018
SDJP-03 Dynamic VM Scaling: Provisioning and Pricing through an Online Auction Cloud Computing 2018
SDJP-04 Efficient Algorithm for Secure Outsourcing of Modular Exponentiation with Single Server Cloud Computing 2018
SDJP-05 Energy Efficient Scheduling of Servers with Multi-Sleep Modes for Cloud Data Center Cloud Computing 2018
SDJP-06 Aggregation-Based Co-location Data center Energy Management in Wholesale Markets Cloud Computing 2018
SDJP-07 Provably secure and lightweight identity-based authenticated data sharing protocol for cyber-physical cloud environment Cloud Computing 2018
SDJP-08 Disaggregated Cloud Memory with Elastic Block Management Cloud Computing 2018
SDJP-09 Adaptive Resource Management for Analyzing Video Streams from Globally Distributed Network Cameras Cloud Computing 2018
SDJP-10 Combining Data Owner-Side and Cloud-Side Access Control for Encrypted Cloud Storage Cloud Computing 2018
SDJP-11 Enabling Identity-Based Integrity Auditing and Data Sharing With Sensitive Information Hiding for Secure Cloud Storage Cloud Computing 2018
SDJP-12 Normal Cloud Model-Based Algorithm for Multi-Attribute Trusted Cloud Service Selection Cloud Computing 2018
SDJP-13 A Lightweight Secure Data Sharing Scheme for Mobile Cloud Computing Cloud Computing 2018
SDJP-14 Secure Data Sharing in Cloud Computing Using Revocable-Storage Identity-Based Encryption Cloud Computing 2018
SDJP-15 Efficient Traceable Authorization Search system cloud storage Cloud Computing 2018
SDJP-16 Efficient and Expressive Keyword Search Over Encrypted Data in Cloud Cloud Computing 2018
SDJP-17 An Efficient Ranked Multi-Keyword Search for Multiple Data Owners Over Encrypted Cloud Data Cloud Computing 2018
SDJP-18 Efficient Client-Side De-duplication of Encrypted Data with Public Auditing in Cloud Storage Cloud Computing 2018
SDJP-19 Chaotic Searchable Encryption For Mobile Cloud Storage Cloud Computing 2018
SDJP-20 Hash tagger+: Efficient High-Coverage Social Tagging of Streaming News Data Mining 2018
SDJP-21 Diagnosing and Minimizing Semantic Drift in Iterative Bootstrapping Extraction Data Mining 2018
SDJP-22 New Query Recommendation Method Supporting Exploratory Search Based on Search Goal Shift Graphs Data Mining 2018
SDJP-23 We Like, We Post: A Joint User-Post Approach for Face book Post Stance Labeling Data Mining 2018
SDJP-24 Health Monitoring on Social Media over Time Data Mining 2018
SDJP-25 Joint Hyper graph Learning for Tag-based Image Retrieval Data Mining 2018
SDJP-26 Characterizing and Countering Communal Micro blogs During Disaster Events Data Mining 2018
SDJP-27 Characterizing and Predicting Early Reviewers for Effective Product Data Mining 2018
SDJP-28 Achieving Data Truthfulness and Privacy Preservation in Data Markets Data Mining 2018
SDJP-29 Webpage Depth View ability Prediction using Deep Sequential Neural Data Mining 2018
SDJP-30 Fuzzy Bag-of-Words Model for Document Representation Data Mining 2018
SDJP-31 Location Inference for Non-geo tagged Tweets in User Timelines Data Mining 2018
SDJP-32 Complementary Aspect-based Opinion Mining Data Mining 2018
SDJP-33 String Similarity Search: A Hash-Based Approach Data Mining 2018
SDJP-34 SIMkNN: A Scalable Method for In-Memory kNN Search over Moving Objects in Road Networks Networking and Network Security 2018
SDJP-35 Online Location Trace Privacy: An Information Theoretic Approach Networking and Network Security 2018
SDJP-36 Improved Visual Secret Sharing Scheme for QR Code Applications Networking and Network Security 2018
SDJP-37 A Hybrid Approach for Detecting Automated Spammers in Twitter Networking and Network Security 2018
SDJP-38 GeTrust: A guarantee-based trust model in Chord-based P2P networks Networking and Network Security 2018
SDJP-39 Traffic and Energy Aware Routing for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks Networking and Network Security 2018
SDJP-40 Analyzing and Detecting Money-Laundering Accounts in Online Social Networks Networking and Network Security 2018
SDJP-41 3-HBP: A Three-Level Hidden Bayesian Link Prediction Model in Social Networks Networking and Network Security 2018
SDJP-42 Semi-Supervised Spam Detection in Twitter Stream Networking and Network Security 2018
SDJP-43 Segregating Spammers and Unsolicited Bloggers from Genuine Experts on Twitter Networking and Network Security 2018
SDJP-44 Efficient Privacy-Aware Authentication Scheme for Mobile Cloud Computing Services Mobile Computing 2018
SDJP-45 Identifying On-site Users for Social Events: Mobility, Content, and Social Relationship Mobile Computing 2018
SDJP-46 Protecting Location Privacy for Task Allocation in Ad Hoc Mobile Cloud Computing Mobile Computing 2018
SDJP-47 Distributed Faulty Node Detection in Delay Tolerant Networks: Design and Analysis Mobile Computing 2018
SDJP-48 Selfish Decentralized Computation Off loading for Mobile Cloud Computing in Dense Wireless Networks Mobile Computing 2018
SDJP-49 Multipath Cooperative Routing with Efficient Acknowledgement for LEO Satellite Networks Mobile Computing 2018
SDJP-50 Selfish Decentralized Computation Offloading for Mobile Cloud Computing in Dense Wireless Networks Mobile Computing 2018
SDJP-51 Dynamic Connectivity Establishment and Cooperative Scheduling for QoS-Aware Wireless Body Area Networks Mobile Computing 2018
SDJP-52 Joint Hyper graph Learning for Tag-based Image Retrieval Image Processing 2018
SDJP-53 Query-free Clothing Retrieval via Implicit Relevance Feedback Image Processing 2018
SDJP-54 Automatic Generation of Social Event Storyboard From Image Click-Through Data Image Processing 2018
SDJP-55 Efficient Rectification of Distorted Fingerprints Image Processing 2018
SDJP-56 Separable and Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images using Parametric Binary Tree Labeling Image Processing 2018
SDJP-57 Spatial and Motion Saliency Prediction Method using Eye Tracker Data for Video Summarization Image Processing 2018
SDJP-58 Robust Foreground Estimation via Structured Gaussian Scale Mixture Modeling Image Processing 2018
SDJP-59 Robust Coverless Image Steganography based on DCT and LDA Topic Classification Image Processing 2018
SDJP-60 Robust and Fast Decoding of High-Capacity Color QR Codes for Mobile Applications Image Processing 2018
SDJP-61 Personal Identification using Minor Knuckle Patterns from Palm Dorsal Surface Image Processing 2018
SDJP-62 A Developer Centered Bug Prediction Model Software Engineering & Big Data 2018
SDJP-63 Rapid and Efficient Bug Assignment using ELM for IOT Software Software Engineering & Big Data 2018
SDJP-64 Web Media and Stock Markets : A Survey and Future Directions from a Big Data Perspective Software Engineering & Big Data 2018
SDJP-65 Structural Balance Theory-based E-commerce Recommendation over Big Rating Data Software Engineering & Big Data 2018
SDJP-66 Account Trade: Accountability Against Dishonest Big Data Buyers and Sellers Software Engineering & Big Data 2018
SDJP-67 A Secure and Verifiable Access Control Scheme for Big Data Storage in Clouds Software Engineering & Big Data 2018
SDJP-68 A Novel Machine Learning Algorithm for Spammer Identification in Industrial Mobile Cloud Computing Machine Learning and AI 2018
SDJP-69 Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Ad a Boost and Majority Voting Machine Learning and AI 2018
SDJP-70 Performance Comparison of Support Vector Machine, Random Forest, and Extreme Learning Machine for Intrusion Detection Machine Learning and AI 2018
SDJP-71 Using Data Mining to Predict Hospital Admissions from the Emergency Department Machine Learning and AI 2018
SDJP-72 Hate Speech on Twitter: A Pragmatic Approach to Collect Hateful and Offensive Expressions and Perform Hate Speech Detection Machine Learning and AI 2018
SDJP-73 Using Data Mining to Predict Hospital Admissions from the Emergency Department Machine Learning and AI 2018
SDJP-74 Emotionally-Relevant Features for Classification and Regression of Music Lyrics Natural Language Processing 2018
SDJP-75 Phonology-Augmented Statistical Framework for Machine Transliteration Using Limited Linguistic Resources Natural Language Processing 2018
SDJP-76 Attention with Sparsity Regularization for Neural Machine Translation and Summarization Natural Language Processing 2018
SDJP-77 Utilizing Neural Networks and Linguistic Metadata for Early Detection of Depression Indications in Text Sequences Natural Language Processing 2018
SDJP-78 Deep Learning for IoT Big Data and Streaming Analytics: A Survey IoT 2018
SDJP-79 Security and Privacy in Smart Health: Efficient Policy-Hiding Attribute-Based Access Control IoT 2018
SDJP-80 Energy-Aware Real-Time Routing for Large-Scale Industrial Internet of Things IoT 2018
SDJP-81 Secure Med: Secure Medical Computation using GPU-Accelerated Holomorphic Encryption Scheme IoT 2018
SDJP-82 Big Data Reduction for a Smart City’s Critical Infrastructural Health Monitoring IoT 2018
SDJP-83 A Shoulder Surfing Resistant Graphical Authentication System Android 2018
SDJP-84 Code Tracker: A Lightweight Approach to Track and Protect Authorization Codes in SMS Messages Android 2018
SDJP-85 Real-Time Android Application for Traffic Density Estimation Android 2018
SDJP-86 Security Architecture for a Secure Database on Android Android 2018
SDJP-87 Scheduling Inter-Datacenter Video Flows for Cost Efficiency-service computing Services Computing 2018
SDJP-88 Semantic-based Compound Keyword Search over Encrypted Cloud Data Services Computing 2018
SDJP-89 Block chain for Large-Scale Internet of Things Data Storage and Protection-service Services Computing 2018
SDJP-90 A Distributed Truthful Auction Mechanism for Task Allocation in Mobile Cloud Computing Services Computing 2018
SDJP-91 SEPDP Secure and Efficient Privacy Preserving Provable Data Possession in Cloud Storage Services Computing 2018
SDJP-92 Achieving Fairness-aware Two-level Scheduling for Heterogeneous Distributed Systems Services Computing 2018
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