SDVL-01 Real-time Urban Microclimate Analysis Using Internet of Things Internet of Things (IoT) 2018
SDVL-02 Robust low-cost passive UHF RFID based smart shopping trolley Internet of Things (IoT) 2018
SDVL-03 Travelling Officer Problem: Managing Car Parking Violations Efficiently Using Sensor Data Internet of Things (IoT) 2018
SDVL-04 Joint Optimization of Cash Management and Routing for New-Generation Automated Teller Machine Networks Internet of Things (IoT) 2018
SDVL-05 Internet of Things for Smart Railway: Feasibility and Applications Internet of Things (IoT) 2018
SDVL-06 Energy-Efficient Mobile Charging for Wireless Power Transfer in Internet of Things Networks Internet of Things (IoT) 2018
SDVL-07 Economic Viability and Environmental Impact of In-Motion Wireless Power Transfer Internet of Things (IoT) 2018
SDVL-08 Virtualization in Wireless Sensor Networks: Fault Tolerant Embedding for Internet of Things Internet of Things (IoT) 2018
SDVL-09 IoT based Smart Home Automation System using Sensor Node Internet of Things (IoT) 2018
SDVL-10 Device-free Occupant Activity Sensing using Wi-Fi-enabled IoT Devices for Smart Homes Internet of Things (IoT) 2018
SDVL-11 BLE Beacons for Internet of Things Applications: Survey, Challenges and Opportunities Internet of Things (IoT) 2018
SDVL-12 Voice Activated Semi-Autonomous Vehicle Using Off the Shelf Home Automation Hardware Internet of Things (IoT) 2018
SDVL-13 Connecting Intelligent Things in Smart Hospitals using NB-IoT Internet of Things (IoT) 2018
SDVL-14 Internet of things based intelligent street lighting system for smart city Internet of Things (IoT) 2018
SDVL-15 Smart Green House using IOT and Cloud Computing Internet of Things (IoT) 2018
SDVL-16 Design of Collision Detection System for Smart Car Using Li-Fi and Ultrasonic Sensor LiFi 2018
SDVL-17 Vehicle To Vehicle Communication Using Li-Fi Technology LiFi 2018
SDVL-18 Li-Fi Based Blind Indoor Navigation System LiFi 2018
SDVL-19 Survey on Advances in Magnetic Induction based Wireless Underground Sensor Networks Automation 2018
SDVL-20 Bio-Physical Modeling, Characterization and Optimization of Electro-Quasistatic Human Body Communication Automation 2018
SDVL-21 A Low-Cost Smart Home Automation to Enhance Decision-Making based on Fog Computing and Computational Intelligence Automation 2018
SDVL-22 Automatic Vacant Parking Places Management System Using Multi-Camera Vehicle Detection Automation 2018
SDVL-23 Sense Pods: A ZigBee-based Tangible Smart Home Interface Automation 2018
SDVL-24 Automatic Pavement Crack Detection by Multi-Scale Image Fusion Automation 2018
SDVL-25 Automatic Adjustable Spraying Device for Site-Specific Agricultural Application Automation 2018
SDVL-26 FallDroid: An Automated Smart Phone based Fall Detection System using Multiple Kernel Learning Automation 2018
SDVL-27 A Low-Cost, Standalone, and Multi-Tasking Watch for Personalized Environmental Monitoring Automation 2018
SDVL-28 Unmanned Toll E-Ticketing System Automation 2018
SDVL-29 Solar Based Railway Track Fault Detection System Automation 2018
SDVL-30 Smart Water Quality Monitoring System For Real Time Applications Automation 2018
SDVL-31 Virtual-Blind-Road Following Based Wearable Navigation Device for Blind People Bio-Medical/td>

SDVL-32 Informed Sound Source Localization Using Relative Transfer Functions for Hearing Aid Applications Bio-Medical 2018
SDVL-33 Design and Implementation of a Noncontact Sleep Monitoring System Using Infrared Cameras and Motion Sensor Bio-Medical 2018
SDVL-34 Passive Radar for Opportunistic Monitoring ine-Health Applications Bio-Medical 2018
SDVL-35 Graphene oxide-based radio frequency identification wearable sensor for breath monitoring Bio-Medical 2018
SDVL-36 Smart textile using hetero-core optical fiber for heartbeat and respiration monitoring Bio-Medical 2018
SDVL-37 Self-Powered Multi parameter Health Sensor Bio-Medical 2018
SDVL-38 Cardio respiratory system monitoring using a developed acoustic sensor Bio-Medical 2018
SDVL-39 Emotion Based Music Recommendation System Using Wearable Physiological Sensors Bio-Medical 2018
SDVL-40 A Raspberry Pi Controlled Cloud Based Air and Sound Pollution Monitoring System with Temperature and Humidity Sensing Bio-Medical 2018
SDVL-41 A Novel Signal Acquisition System for Wearable Respiratory Monitoring Bio-Medical 2018
SDVL-42 An Innovative Artificial Replacement To Facilitate Communication Between Visually And Hearing- Impaired People Bio-Medical 2018
SDVL-43 Automatic Detection of Field-Grown Cucumbers for Robotic Harvesting Robotics 2018
SDVL-44 Fruit Quantity and Ripeness Estimation Using a Robotic Vision System Robotics 2018
SDVL-45 DTMF Based Intelligent Farming Robotic Vehicle Robotics 2018
SDVL-46 Head-Motion Controlled Wheel Chair Direction Using ATMega328p Microcontroller Robotics 2018
SDVL-47 Under actuated tracking control of underwater vehicles using control moment gyros Robotics 2018
SDVL-48 Android Controlled Firefighting Robot using Arduino Robotics 2018
SDVL-49 Comparative analysis for real time face recognition system using Raspberry pi Raspberry pi 2018
SDVL-50 Recognition of Human Fall Events Based on Single Tri-axial Gyroscope Raspberry pi 2018
SDVL-51 Self-Powered ZigBee Wireless Sensor Nodes for Railway Condition Monitoring Raspberry pi 2018
SDVL-52 Voice Recognition by Google Home and Raspberry Pi for Smart Socket Control Raspberry pi 2018
SDVL-53 Temperature and humidity detection system of communication system based on Raspberry pi Raspberry pi 2018
SDVL-54 Moving obstacles detection based on laser range finder measurements Sensors 2018
SDVL-55 Airborne Wireless Sensor Networks for Airplane Monitoring System Sensors 2018
SDVL-56 Smart Wearable Hand Device for Sign Language Interpretation System with Sensors Fusion Sensors 2018
SDVL-57 Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) based weather monitoring in flood disaster management by using IOT Sensors 2018
SDVL-58 An IOT based fire alarming and Authentication system for Workhouse using Raspberry pi 3 Sensors 2018
SDVL-59 The WSN Monitoring System for Large Outdoor Advertising Boards Based on ZigBee and MEMS Sensor Sensors 2018
SDVL-60 Wireless Solar Powered Automatic Drip Irrigation System Agri 2018
SDVL-61 Brain computer interface for neurodegenerative person using electroencephalogram Virtual Brain 2018
SDVL-62 Subjective Evaluation of High-Fidelity Virtual Environments for Driving Simulations Virtual Reality 2018
SDVL-63 Wireless Weather Monitoring System using Arduino DUE and GSM Technology GSM GSM 2018

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