IEEE NS2/NS3 Projects 2018-19

SDIMP-01 Energy-Efficient Tracking and Localization of Objects in Wireless Sensor Networks WSN 2018
SDIMP-02 Joint Channel Identification and Estimation in Wireless Network: Sparsity and Optimization WSN 2018
SDIMP-03 A New Autonomous Adaptive MAC Protocol in Wireless Networks WSN 2018
SDIMP-04 Mobile Node Localization in Underwater Wireless Networks MANET 2018
SDIMP-05 Adaptive Communication Protocols in Flying Ad Hoc Network WSN 2018
SDIMP-06 Toward Constructive Relay-Based Cooperative Routing in MANETs MANET 2018
SDIMP-07 Conjoint Routing and Resource Allocation in OFDMA-Based D2D Wireless Networks MANET 2018
SDIMP-08 Artificial swarm algorithm for VANET protection against routing attacks VANET 2018
SDIMP-09 Cellular V2X Communications in Unlicensed Spectrum: Harmonious Coexistence with VANET in 5G systems VANET 2018
SDIMP-10 Real-Time Path Planning in Urban Area via VANET-Assisted Traffic Information Sharing VANET 2018
SDIMP-11 Cluster-based D2D architecture for safety services in vehicular ad hoc networks VANET 2018
SDIMP-12 Localization Prediction in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks VANET 2018
SDIMP-13 Utilization-Oriented Spectrum Allocation in an Underlay Cognitive Radio Network Cognitive Radio Network 2018
SDIMP-14 Performance Analysis of Cluster-Based Multi-Hop Underlay CRNs using Max-Link-Selection Protocol Cognitive Radio Network 2018
SDIMP-15 Performance analysis of Licensed Shared Access based secondary users activity on cognitive radio networks Cognitive Radio Network 2018

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